To my friend. You know who you are, and I love you to be still standing behind you and making sure you’re alright.

Self-harm is a something you do to yourself, to release the pain by adding some more pain into it. At least that is what I think it is. Just note that self-harm is wrong.

I do not stand up for self-harm, nor do I go against it. All I want to say is that it’s wrong. Self-harm is wrong, that’s all. I think I made my point clear here.

I’m not saying that I am not an ignorant nor am I saying that I am an ignorant. I am neutral. Saying that self-harm is wrong doesn’t mean that I am an ignorant or someone who doesn’t care. I do care, and that is what I’m doing here. To make you realize that someone, somewhere, cares for you.

Let me share my own story here.

I am a carefree girl. You can say that if you’re closed to me and always be around me during the day. A very carefree girl. I like to laugh – I tend to laugh at small things. I can be easily amused. I am happy – you can tell that by looking at me. I’m happy go lucky. I am that ever since I was in primary school. But honey, that doesn’t mean that I never get sad or hurt.

I’m a human too, I do get hurt. I tend to get hurt, but I don’t let the emotions consume me. Sometimes I do, but only sometimes, when I can’t contain it anymore. What I’m trying to say here is, if I can, then you can do it too!

If I, as a human, as a girl, as a young woman, as a very sensitive lady, can prevent the emotions from consuming me, then so do you.

Don’t let the emotions get to you.

Don’t let them overwhelm you.

Honey, you’re so precious – very precious, indeed – to hurt yourself because of something. Something that is so stupid.

Well, here’s some tips:

  • Your crush doesn’t like you back? Screw him/her.
  • Your crush makes you jealous? Screw him/her.
  • Your partner hurts you? Screw him/her.
  • Your partner leaves you? Screw him/her.
  • Your friend distants himself from you? Screw him/her.
  • Your bestfriend betrays you? Screw him/her.
  • Your enemy disturbs you? Screw him/her.
  • Your schoolmate mentally bullies you? Screw him/her.
  • Someone calls you ugly? Screw him/her.
  • Someone calls you fat? Screw him/her.
  • Screw them. Screw them.

Let it go.

Easier said than done.

I know, but it is worth a try. It’s your life anyway – not theirs. Bear that in mind.

I never do self-harm. Maybe it’s because I am afraid of blood and yeah, I am paranoid – very. I’m not saying that I am so good that I never do such a thing, but I, as a human, never do it, then you shouldn’t too.
If you’re doing self-harm because of love, then honey, you’re too precious to be worrying about that. I used to worry too, I still do sometimes, but that doesn’t matter.

Don’t find the love, let the love find you.

Don’t worry if your partner leaves you, you’ll find someone better. At least that is what people say but whatever. Maybe not now, but someday, you’ll eventually find someone.

Oh and I do understand the feeling when you are so hurt that if you hurt yourself some more, if you cut yourself, you’ll feel better. I don’t know how to describe that feeling but I did feel it back then. But I somehow, fought it.

If you never do such a thing, then do not try to start on doing it. Because if you do, then it will be hard to stop.

Remember how precious you are to be hurting yourself just because someone hurts you. Do you want to give them the satisfaction to know that you hurt yourself because of them? Do you want to give them the pride and satisfaction? Do you want to see them satisfied? No, right? Then don’t hurt yourself.

Don’t hurt anyone for that matter.

But instead, show them that you are way better than you were when you were with them. Show them that you are strong. Show them that they are not worth it. Show them that you are happy without them, even if you are not.


“Living a good life really is the best revenge. Once they acknowledge they cannot ruin your happiness, they lose their power.”

So honey, if you’re involved in self-harming, I plead you to stop, for the sake of your family, your friends who still care, and most importantly, for the sake of yourself. Stop.

p/s: ive been insulted too before so, I know exactly how it feels.


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