So people, I’ve read Harry Potter and I’m currently at the last book. Honestly, I never have thought that I would be a Potterhead in the end.

Harry Potter. I liked it when I was a kid, the moment my mom introduced the movies and of course, the books(in my native language) to me. But I wasn’t obsessed with it nor was I a Potterhead. I didn’t even really know about the storyline.

Now that I’ve read it that I understand. Now I’m having hard time to accept the fact that it is almost over. I feel sad, truly sad. 

By reading Harry Potter, I learned that things change as we grow up. For instance, back in the first three books, Harry and everyone didn’t really have real problems. 

I mean, of course,there were Professor Quirell,  the chamber of secrets, Peter Pettigrew and the misunderstanding with Sirius Black but at least there was no deaths (Quirell is exceptional).

Starting from the fourth book, which is The Goblet Of Fire, there was one death, and then another in The Order of Phoenix, and then another (Half-Blood Prince) and for the last book, there were two in the beginning.

Every each one of them brought tears to my eyes and a hollow feeling in my chest.

The Goblet Of Fire: Cedric Diggory. It was truly shocking. But it didn’t really hurt me much though, because I knew it would happen. But when Dumbledore, and Harry spoke of his death, aa that made me cry.

As for The Order Of Phoenix: Sirius Black. I still haven’t gotten over it yet. Sirius Black was probably my most favorite. His relationship with Harry was incredible. His friendship with Lupin was very great too. I remember when in the third book, Lupin finally learned that Sirius didn’t do the thing he was accused to do, he pulled him into a hug, how Lupin was so glad to have his best friend back (im about to cry now im serious).

And I remember when Harry asked them both about his father, the way Lupin and Sirius talked about it. It was so sweet. And the way Sirius was very concerned about Harry. Sirius was the closest thing he had to a parent. I cried a lot during which Sirius had died. Especially after reading what Harry felt about it. I couldn’t stop crying. It was really bad.

He was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange. I liked her, probably still do because she’s really pretty. But I hate what she did to Sirius. I’m still really sad about it. 

The Half-Blood Prince: Dumbledore. I probably didnt cry as much as I did for Sirius but Dumbledore loved Harry and Harry too. It was really heart-breaking to witness what Snape had done. I’m pretty sure there was a reason behind it but it was really, really… REALLY FRUSTRATING!

The Deathly Hallows: Hedwig and Mad Eye Moody. Two in the first few chapters. How crazy is that? It was really heartbreaking and sad and everything else. Hedwig, she ignored Harry before she died how sad is that? As for Mad Eye, it was all because of Mundungus. Mad Eye, probably one of the strongest, the next person they could count on to after Dumbledore’s death but he was gone. It was really sad.

As Harry said in one of the chapters:

 “Well, if you could bring people back.. we could have Sirius.. Mad Eye.. Dumbledore.. My parents,” 

Well I think that’s all for today. Toodles.


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