Actual rating: 4.97 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

(This review may or may not have spoilers)

To start my review, I just want to say that this book is a hell of a book. The world in this book is so cruel. It gives a perfect example of what might happen if the world falls into the hands of humans who are lack of humanity.

The storyline of this book is great. The plot is fast-paced, which is really good. Every page of this book is filled with new informations, new events, new incidents, new skills and ideas. Not a single page of it means nothing.

And the ending makes me want to buy the sequel right here right now!

As for the characters,

I have to admit,that throughout this book, I realized that Elias did fall for the girls’ appearances more than other values. Someone who is quite famous here had mentioned it before.

However, I quite understand why Elias fell for their appearances more than anything else. Their appearances are the most appealing factors on the girls. Both Helene and Laia are good-looking. It’s hard not to see something that is so obvious.

Plus, Elias had been living in Blackcliff his whole life. That alone explained his needs and inappropriate thoughts. And unlike the other male students in the academy, Elias never slept with any slaves or any prostitutes at all. 
I think I can quite understand his reasons. However, that doesn’t justify his action. He shouldn’t have any inappropriate thoughts abt his own best friend.

As for his other values, Elias was a strong young man. And he was nice, really nice. He was different than the other people of his kind. The Martials. Maybe it was due to the fact that he was raised by the Tribe people. Nevertheless, Elias really did have respect for women and mercy for fellow humans, regardless of races and factions.

And then we have Laia. Unlike any other lead female characters that we’re accustomed to, Laia appeared to be slightly weak. Don’t get me wrong. The characters in this book are very strong and vivid. They all felt real. But as for the personality, Laia just wasn’t courages or brave enough. 

But that is only in the beginning. 

As the story goes, Laia started to build up her courage, she appeared to be stronger than she first started. Laia survived the torturous mission only to be betrayed. 

Laia had a strong faith in people and that’s good and bad at the same time. Sometimes it was naΓ―ve. At the end of the book, we can see that Laia had succeeded in convincing us that she really was her mother’s daughter. 

Helene. Helene was a strong woman. Brave, charismatic, admirable, beautiful. A total contrast to Laia, which appeared to be fearful in the beginning. Helene was the only female student in Blackcliff and she could beat majority of the guys with her bare hands. Such an admirable tough woman. Sometimes I have the feeling that she and the Commandant were somehow related.

However, Helene was bound to follow the Empire’s ruthless rules which, had cost her to lose some credits.

Then, we have Keenan. I need more of Keenan. He is a mysterious young lad. Who doesnt love a mysterious, all quiet, cold as stone warm as honey young man? The way he held and looked at Laia made me want to swoon and cry at the same time. His concern was really heartwarming.

As for Izzi. Izzi was a loyal friend. Despite the consequences that might cost her her life, she was still determined to help Laia. A very admirable trait, I must say.

Helene and Elias’ friendship is also very interesting. I wish I could have one. They love and protect each other. 

To sum it all up, every character in this book – those I’ve mentioned or haven’t- plays their own roles. They are all important. They make the storyline better. Their roles are important and have successfully made the storyline wonder. The characters are vivid and strong.

I would totally recommend this book to my friends.



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